39 out of 100 people wish to become a Navy Captain. Of these, 27 are pushed beyond there physical boundaries. Further 9 break under the psychological pressure. Only 3 are able to respond correctly in an emergency situation.

A navy company's correct selection of "Human Resources" is essential for safety, service quality and cost efficiency.

We are here to help you find qualified personnel that meet your demands. Our professional screening leads to lasting success. It relieves your organisation of this task and additionally provides investment security.

It is our job to determine and train the correct candidates to suit you.

The best training. The highest quality.
The latest knowledge.

Our expertise relies on many years of experience. These experiences form the basis of Navy-Screening with the highest benchmarks in quality, life and safety.

We reliably and competently prepare the employee that is suitable for you with the necessary training measures such as "Crew Resource Management" and "Maritime Safety Training" courses, for their new job.

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