People steer ships, captains steer companies. Our captains take responsibility!

A navy company's correct selection of "Human Resources" has two fundamental aspects: Quality and investment security.

According to a market survey of European ship customers, among other things, the security of the ships and the quality of its operators were of the greatest importance.

It is therefore in the nature of our field of work that the continual striving for best possible quality and teamwork must have absolute priority. Here Maritime Screening ties in. Teamwork and confidence form the substantial factors of the direct and indirect quality of your personnel during a trip with your clientele.

  • Special leader qualities
  • Safety orientated thinking
  • and customer orientation

are therefore the cornerstones of our job applicant selection.

The outsourcing of your human resources services to Maritime Screening offers the following advantages:

  • Greater cost-efficiency
  • Project-based settlement
  • Professional relief from routine tasks
  • Ability to concentrate on your core competency
  • Expansion of capacities through experts without high fixed costs

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